Where to buy paithani silk saree online at affordable price?

Handlooms have long been associated with India, with magnificent weavings being conserved and passed down from mother to daughter as a valuable heritage. Original paithani sarees are available in a variety of designs and colors in Mumbai. Paithani sarees have long been a part of our rich cultural heritage. Traditional artisans employ a variety of colors to create beautiful motifs that match these sarees. In Mumbai, these pure paithani sarees have a classic design with a large pallu and gorgeous zari embroidery. It comes in a range of colors and multicolor patterns. Yeola paithani is famous in Mumbai, and you've certainly seen celebrities wearing them on several occasions. Paithani saree prices in Mumbai are so expensive because of their unique pattern and design, I suggest Om paithani shop Which provides good quality Paithani sarees at a reasonable price.