What is MeDNAwise and what are its benefits?

Every person is unique because of their own combination of genetic variations. The genetic predispositions of members of the same family might be both similar and distinctive. Similar to how every person reacts differently to drugs. It is a common occurrence for one medication to function exceptionally well in some people while failing to work at all in others. And in certain other people, it might cause particular adverse effects.  Here is where we can make use of MeDNAwise and get solutions to genetic health risks.
Pharmacogenomics is a field of research that predicts how specific pharmaceuticals and medications will affect you based on your genetic makeup. This can assist physicians in prescribing better, safer medications. Your drug sensitivity and metabolism are influenced by your genes. There are thus two categories of people for each given drug: those who respond to normal treatment at a regular dose and those who don't. It will be necessary to either switch to another drug or adjust the dosage for individuals who don't respond.