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Village Trail is home to some of the most progressive and environmentally conscious people. We aim to give kids a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience that will help them develop a deeper connection to nature, their community, and themselves. For school groups, we run our programs all year long, with offerings for kids aged 8 to 17. Our day camp and overnight camp programs range from half-day outings to multi-week adventures. Through a variety of skill-based and outdoor activities, participants will be challenged on all levels, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. Bringing kids to camps like these will teach them the value of nature and give them the tools they need to become successful, sustainable “green leaders” in the world.

Have a safe and fun-filled outing with us. The Village Trail, known for its large, spacious greenery, river play, farm visits, and swimming pool, is ideal for day trips and weekends with family and friends.

Participants will be able to test their physical and mental limits, learn and improve skills, learn how important nature is, and have fun with their families and friends in the lush greenery of The Village Trail.

Not only will participants have fun and create memories that will last a lifetime, but they will also learn about the importance of nature and the environment. With all of these activities, the Village Trail is the perfect place to have a safe and fun outing.