Outline of Gem equipments cooling towers | Cooling tower supplier

Cooling towers are applied in the industrial HVAC system for cooling the processing equipment by evaporative cooling. Cooling towers are designed, manufactured, and installed based on the process of industrial needs along with other factors like water availability, space, and power supply. Cooling towers’ quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers assemble on the site, by incorporating the pipeline work, access systems, and chillers. But some just make you assemble in the industry by delivering the cooling tower parts.

Let’s discuss the gem equipments cooling towers and their features.

Dry cooling towers

Gem equipments dry cooling towers are light in weight and easy to install. The motors are IP 55 with an extended shaft which reduces the noise and increases efficiency.
Motors are specifically designed to withstand rain, moisture, and dust. They have an improved circuit system; rigid construction and each coil is pressure tested.

Square-type cooling towers

Square-type cooling towers of Gem equipment have more efficiency and are made with a compact design. SCT Quiet cooling towers are noiseless towers that operate in power-saving mode.
A square-type cooling tower is low maintenance cost & withstands high temperatures of up to 65c

Bottle-type cooling towers

Bottle cooling towers of Gem equipment are corrosion resistant, light in weight, and operate at a temperature of 50c with a noise level of 70–85dBA
The Tower casing is made of FRP to provide structural strength. Sprinkler made of ABS or aluminium; works on power saving mode. Motors are made of IP55 flange type with ss304 shaft with induction weatherproof.

Cross-flow cooling towers

Gem equipments cross-flow cooling towers have a capacity of 20TR — 400TR. They operate at high temperatures and quietly.

Final thoughts

Cooling towers with low capacity can be assembled in the factory before dispatch. But cooling towers with more capacity are assembled on th