Manufacturing Of White Metal Babbitt Bearing | RA Power

RA Power manufactures white Babbitt metal in various grades along with bearings for diesel engines, turbines, alternators, and heavy rotating equipment. It is becoming popular to use white metal bearings because Babbitt white metal bearings are repairable, whereas Tri-metal bearings cannot be rebabbitted. We undertake the manufacturing and repairing of white metal Babbitt bearings by centrifugal process for various applications. We have the latest facilities for babbitting old white metal bearings which get worn out. As a company we have more experience in manufacturing new white metal babbitt bearings and rebabbitting of old bearings, we have developed and manufactured BEZ generator bearings of various dimensions based on the drawing or sample provided by the end user. Contact us at or, or call us at +91 9582647131 or +91 9810012383 for more details about white metal babbitting bearings, manufacturing of babbitt bearings, engine connecting rods, or white metal bearing supplier and services.