Interior designer for your home

Interior design is an art that allows us to completely change the feeling we get when entering a space.

The distribution, the finishes, the materials… offer infinite combinations that are at the service of functionality and manage to create a house according to our standards. Without neglecting the aesthetics, of course.

We bring you the best interior design and interior design projects in modern houses, hotels and restaurants. We bring you the interior designers with the most talks and their latest creations, so you can find the ideas you need for your next renovation.
Imagine you put some mid-century influences, a pinch of animal print, two tablespoons of Memphis in a blender and mix everything very well, the result of this mix of ideas will definitely like the aesthetic of Bo Fentum, an interior designer, look who loves to create eclectic spaces.
Ever since man began to live "within 4 walls" and not outside, he has been looking for ways to change and improve his inner environment. This has led to a worldwide transfer of concepts, ideas and materials that expand possibilities and spirit, ultimately affecting the way we think and live in our homes.