Conjunctivitis in children due to corona, attack of A. Dino virus intensifies

New Delhi . These days conjunctivitis is happening in children due to viral infection. The reason for this is said to be the infection of corona and adeno virus. In this case, health experts say that more adenovirus infection is causing conjunctivitis in children in Delhi than Kovid. Even in children Adenovirus infection is stretching longer than Kovid and they are also taking more time to recover from Adenovirus than Kovid. Also, health experts have also told that conjunctivitisThe cases have definitely increased more than the average, but it is not like an epidemic. Dr. Mahipal Sachdev, director of Center for Sight Hospital, said that cases have definitely increased due to viral. Children are becoming victims of conjunctivitis, but it is not so much that it can be called an epidemic. However, such cases are coming more than the average.