brinjal dryer machine in aps industries

brinjal dryer machine
Many people like to eat eggplant very much, but the fresh brijal is not stored for a long time, but if the brinjal is dried and stored, it is not only good for collection but also greatly prolongs the storage time. The APS Brinjal dehydrator dehydrated brinjal at low and middle temperatures, which dry the brinjal better. The dried brinjal do not change any of its nutritional value. The scent of the brinjal is preserved and the taste is better.

Before drying, wash the brinjal and cut them into slices. Then lay the brinjal slice on the tray, and put into the dryer. Set the parameter as temperature 63℃ and humidity 5% RH, then turn on the APS Brinjal dehydrator, start drying. After about 4-8hours, The brinjal slices will finish drying. The actual drying time will base on the eggplant slices thickness. Generally, if the brinjal slices is thinner, it will help to make the drying faster.