Best Joint pain relief oil in India

Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil is a 100% Ayurvedic oil for pain relief.
Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil is the leading joint and knee pain relief oil from Zandu – the pain management experts.
It is a powerful combination of over 20 Ayurvedic ingredients that treat 20 different types of musculoskeletal pain.
It provides visible improvement in just 7 days and helps improve joint and muscle mobility, providing quick and lasting pain relief.
Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil Key Ingredients Zandu Ortho Vedic Oil is enriched with proven herbs and an oil-based formula that is safe and effective.
It contains Ayurvedic oils like Mahamash tel, Mahanarayan tel, Vishgarbha tel and Gandhpuro tel along with Peppermint Satva, Karpura Satva, Katuvira Oleoresin, Sunthi Oleoresin which have powerful pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.