Best Assam History MCQs the best for Competitive Exam

Best Assam History MCQs the best for Competitive Exam
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September 01, 2023 41 minute read
Q1. Who was the founder of the Ahom Kingdom in Assam?

A) Chilarai
B) Chaolung Sukaphaa
C) Rudra Singha
D) Suhungmung
ANSWER= (B) Chaolung Sukaphaa

Q2. Which ancient kingdom in Assam was known for its fierce resistance against Mughal invasions in the 17th century?

A) Kamarupa
B) Ahom kingdom
C) Koch kingdom
D) Chutiya kingdom
ANSWER= (B) Ahom kingdom

Q3. The Assam Agitation, a mass movement that occurred from 1979 to 1985, was primarily driven by concerns over:

A) Foreign invasions
B) Deforestation
C) Illegal immigration
D) Economic inequality
ANSWER= (C) Illegal immigration

Q4. Assam became a separate state within the Indian Union on which date?

A) January 26, 1950
B) August 15, 1947
C) October 2, 1960
D) November 1, 1956
ANSWER= (A) January 26, 1950

Q5. Which ancient dynasty ruled the region of Kamarupa (ancient Assam) from the 350CE to the 650 CE?

A) Chutiya dynasty
B) Ahom dynasty
C) Varman dynasty
D) Koch dynasty
ANSWER= (C) Varman dynasty

Q6. Which treaty ended the First Anglo-Assam War between the British East India Company and the Ahom kingdom in 1826?

A) Treaty of Yandaboo
B) Treaty of Serajgunge
C) Treaty of Sadiya
D) Treaty of Purandar
ANSWER= (A) Treaty of Yandaboo

Q7. Who was the prominent Assamese freedom fighter and leader known as "Birangana" for her fearless role in the Quit India Movement?

A) Kanaklata Barua
B) Rani Gaidinliu
C) Ambikagiri Roychoudhury
D) Kanaklata Deka
ANSWER= (A) Kanaklata Deka