360 Digitals Review Response Management Services

By monitoring and reacting to reviews, a manager can ensure that when unfavorable reviews eventually come in, they may respond constructively and perhaps improve their firm’s rating in the process, as stated in “Replying to the Customer Reviews give the Results in Better Ratings. According to the research, which “reviewed tens of thousands of reviews and experts answer," a website that reacted to reviews saw a 12% rise in the number of reviews received and a slight gain in their overall rating. Is it necessary to constantly reply to online reviews? Responding to customer feedback is an important component of any word-of-mouth marketing plan. Customers are increasingly using reviews in their purchasing decisions. The Managed Services team collaborates with you to develop an exception procedure for every review or survey. Typically, for exceptions, Our ORM team highlights the review/survey and emails you (if asked) so you may advise on the resolution. The ticket is then closed by our staff. Other modes of moderation merely involve a gatekeeper to guarantee that published surveys do not breach HIPAA requirements.